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- 100% independent from everyone, including all meth cleaning companies, real estate agencies and building inspection companies -


The Need To Test

Be safe and feel safe in your meth free home

Pre-purchase meth inspections are crucial, a contaminated home can bankrupt you

Meth Testing completed and results to you within the hour

Landlords can be fined for renting out contaminated properties

Testing of all residential & commercial properties and vehicles to prove them safe and meth free


The Risks for All

Meth contamination can cause sickness and even death for occupants

Tenants forced to leave contaminated homes

Vacancy due to contamination costs the owner $1000's in lost rent

Meth is made from toxic chemicals, the unseen poison is your risk

Poor quality testing can miss detecting the contamination


Expert Service

Discreet, private and confidential testing service with qualified expert staff

World's most advanced technology detecting the smallest trace elements

Verified onsite results, emailed to the client while onsite, within the hour

Our onsite testing process samples 4 times as many locations as most other companies

Positive result allows further testing to determine the level of contamination, on the spot, same site visit

Peace of Mind

- tenants, landlords, hoteliers, commercial property owners, prospective property purchasers and vehicle owners / hirers -


We offer peace of mind to tenants, landlords, prospective property purchasers, hoteliers, commercial property owners and vehicle owners/hirers.

Rental properties are most at risk with an estimated 70% of meth contaminated properties being rental properties.

Meth contamination is becoming an epidemic in society these days and the health effects can cause serious harm. Children are located in about a third of all meth contaminated properties.

A contaminated property can have a range of health effects such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, migraines, allergic reactions, respiratory issues, insomnia, rashes/burns on skin, sleep disorders, birth defects, a damaged immune system, cancers and death in the case of meth lab explosion.

Meth is poisonous and is made from a toxic combination of chemicals and drugs.

Cleanup of contaminated properties can be costly and if done by professionals, costs can range from $1500 upwards, depending on the level of contamination.

Meth is one of the biggest risks we face today, it is an epidemic and a huge risk to all property owners.


Meth Test has done 3 Meth tests to date; they have always turned up on time and have been pleasant to deal with. Each set of testing was completed in less than an hour and provided coverage of ceilings walls that can't be matched by lab testing or other methods. Results are instant from their state of the art machine and they are even able to indicate where in each room there is a problem (if there is a problem). All at a cost that is comparable to lab testing. No retesting to work out in what rooms the problems are (if there is a problem). So, getting Meth Test Now can actually work out a lot cheaper, as well as being a lot quicker.

The problems with conventional lab testing are;
1) That it can take up to two weeks for you to receive results.
2) Only one sample is taken per room -inferior coverage.
3) In the initial test, samples are combined to give a total sample - so if there is a problem another set of individual lab test samples may be required at a cost of $1200 or more.

I am pleased to recommend Meth Test Now to any house purchaser, tenancy manager or landlord.
Adrian P

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