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In Depth Screening Test

1 - 2 Bedroom - $242.00 inc GST
3 - 4 Bedroom - $297.00 inc GST
5 - 7 Bedroom - $352.00 inc GST
Other (Motels, Boarding Houses, Commercial Building, Vehicles, Caravans & Motorhomes) - Request a Quote

Authorise Onsite Additional Testing (Only if Required)
  ** If my house tests positive during the 'In Depth Screening Test', I consent to an instant 'Advanced Phase 2 Test' (same site visit, saving downtime & travel fees) using MethTestNow's Lab Certified Equipment to accurately determine the level of contamination (as well as taking a laboratory sample only if and where necessary but at no extra cost). I accept the cost of this Advanced Phase 2 Test is $129 (incl gst) per room and that MethTestNow will only test the room/s that have tested positive for meth. I accept that if more than 3 rooms need this level of testing, Methtestnow will phone me for authorisation.

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Payment Amount - $297.00

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